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Archive for June 2012

Ready to GO?

Posted by ccnh on 27th June 2012

A special message corresponding with the commissioning of our 2012 Global Outreach team to Namibia Africa.  We need to consider the opportunity to minister in Namibia (or anywhere else) a privilege, and walk accordingly.  Missional living is intentional and undertaken with care.  You ready to go?


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1 Samuel: The Ark Narrative

Posted by ccnh on 17th June 2012

1 Samuel 4-7

In this second installment of our summer series we learn much of God's presence, power and covenant.  This narrative shows us that often times it is not that God has abandoned us, but rather that our own choices leave us living apart from His presence and power.


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1 Samuel: In Those Days There Was No King

Posted by ccnh on 10th June 2012

1 Samuel 1-3

This episode kicks off Pastor Darin's summer series in the book of 1 Samuel.  We are often found living at odds with our identity and calling.  Contrast our lives with those found in the beginning of this book.  How do we live when we think no one is looking?


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Defaults & Favorites

Posted by ccnh on 3rd June 2012

Guest speaker Bill Ferrin encourages us to consider the default scripts we can follow as we go through life.  Looking at several stories from Genesis and the Gospels, we see how God challenges people to change their old ways of thinking or approaching life, surrendering to Him, before they can experience the fullness of His plans for them.  God calls us to that same place of surrender.

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