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Archive for August 2012

1 Samuel: David’s Enduring Throne

Posted by ccnh on 26th August 2012

1 Samuel 16

In this concluding episode of our summer study in 1 Samuel we see the covenant faithfulness of God in the life of David and how it foreshadows the coming of Messiah.


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1 Samuel: After God’s Own Heart

Posted by ccnh on 19th August 2012

1 Samuel 15 and Various Psalms

As our study of 1 Samuel continues, we contrast Saul and David.  Neither man was perfect, but it was David's heart that truly set him apart in the eyes of God.  Contrition, humility, repentance and faith are what made him a man after God's own heart.  What do our hearts look like?


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1 Samuel: Like All the Other Nations

Posted by ccnh on 12th August 2012

1 Samuel 8

Pastor Darin continues our summer study through 1 Samuel.  Israel wanted to be like all the other nations and did their best to justify their rejection of God as their king.  Do we recognize the subtle ways we too reject God and then try to rationalize it because "everyone else is doing it"?  Do we understand the consequences?


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Posted by ccnh on 5th August 2012

Matthew 5

Guest speaker John Owen.  There is a difference between Christianity and actually knowing Christ.  John challenges us to recognize the significance of the outward religious things that we do, but realize that these are not the end goal.  Knowing Jesus and becoming like Him is the point.  Many people go through the motions of Christianity, but do not have an intimate relationship with Jesus or bear His likeness.  This problem contributes to the negative opinion many Americans have of "Christians."


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