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Archive for October 2012

Church in the Spotlight

Posted by ccnh on 28th October 2012

1 Peter 2

Guest speaker Jesse Andreasen shares about the negative stereotypes that Christians are often known for, and emphasizes the need for us to make the most of every opportunity to represent Jesus well to a watching world.


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Church in Community

Posted by ccnh on 23rd October 2012

Matthew 5, John 15

This message considers the church's calling in our immediate community.
Where are we? How does our emphasis on personal ministry connect us in the community?  How do we show up?  What's our footprint?  What's my role?


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Church in Congregation

Posted by ccnh on 19th October 2012

Ephesians 2


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The Tenth Commandment - You Shall Not Covet

Posted by ccnh on 7th October 2012

Exodus 20, James 4 and Questions 113-115 of the Heidelberg Catechism

Covet, it's not a word most of us use very often. Unlike many of the other commandments, this one explicitly addresses the heart, and the problem with desiring something that belongs to someone else.  This message concludes our study of the Heidelberg Catechism.


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