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Archive for March 2013

Resurrection Sunday

Posted by ccnh on 31st March 2013

Acts 10

In this passage we see that the gospel invited those who were far from God to come near to Him.  God's purpose is still the same today.  Jesus is the only way, and His resurrection offers new life to everyone who will receive it.


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Who Do You Say I Am? - Part 1

Posted by ccnh on 24th March 2013

Matthew 21

During Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem the crowds shouted "Hosanna, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord."  Days later some of those same people would should "Crucify Him!"  What happens when God, or your expectations of God, disappoints? The times in life when we really expect Jesus to show up, or answer, or be present and He doesn't do it the way that makes all the logical sense in the world. Been on a thousand job interviews. Heard a bad diagnosis after months of treatment. Watched the marriage decay for years of prayer. You get the idea. How do we continue to sing Hosannas when we just ain't seeing or feeling it?


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Bible Study Methods- Lectio Divina

Posted by ccnh on 17th March 2013

Psalm 1

The Lectio Divina is a prayer centered method of reading and studying the Bible. In this podcast we follow the four steps, (1) read, (2) meditate, (3) pray, and (4) contemplate, using Psalm 1 as the text.  This recording includes reading and interaction with the congregation, we apologize if it is hard to hear.  The podcast concludes with a CCA worship band performance of "Psalm One," a song written by NH songwriter Tina Landel.  You can purchase the original recording by Tina on iTunes at the following link.


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Bible Study Methods - Chapter/Verse Analysis

Posted by ccnh on 10th March 2013

James 1

In this message we use the verse analysis method to dig deep into some verses that discuss trials and temptations.  There are several times when members of the congregation shared their thoughts, we apologize if you cannot hear all of that dialogue clearly in the recording.  Please visit or our facebook page for our Bible Study Methods video series.


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Bible Study Methods - Biographical/Topical

Posted by ccnh on 3rd March 2013

Matthew 26, 1 Corinthians 11

In this week's message we explore the method of studying a particular topic or person in the scriptures using the Lord's Supper as an example.  One of the tools that is helpful for this method is a concordance (there are book and online versions of these available).


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