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Archive for April 2013

The Bible: Historical Books

Posted by ccnh on 28th April 2013

Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua

In this episode we continue our consideration of the different types of literature found in the bible.  How should we approach the historical literature? How does it shed light on other forms of literature in the scriptures?


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The Bible: The Law

Posted by ccnh on 21st April 2013


In this episode we'll look at several passages from within ‘the law’ and consider them in the narrative setting (context) of history. How do we approach such passages? How do they differ with others? How do they compliment and help interpret others?  We'll also look at some other ancient and modern examples of law, some very serious and some that just might make you chuckle.


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Journey Through Psalm 23

Posted by ccnh on 14th April 2013

From funeral readings to 90's rap songs, Psalm 23 is one of the most quoted chapters in all of the Bible.  But just because we've heard David's psalm many times does not mean we've grasped all the the comforting truths or accepted all of the challenges that God has for us in it.  Guest speaker Jesse Andreasen walks through an extended time of reflection and response to this passage.


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The Bible: An Overview

Posted by ccnh on 7th April 2013

Psalm 119

This podcast begins a new series looking at the different forms of literature in the Bible and the importance of knowing how to read and interpret each of them correctly.  Psalm 119 serves as a great reminder for all that God's word can and should be in our lives, if we'll commit ourselves to studying it.


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