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Archive for June 2013

Book of Job: Part 2

Posted by ccnh on 30th June 2013

Job 4-7

In this episode we consider the fact that sometimes the observations of others are more harmful than helpful. Sometimes words meant to comfort actually wound. Sometimes the observations and words of others can be true, but not applicable.


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Book of Job: Part 1

Posted by ccnh on 23rd June 2013

Job 1-3

This summer we will be  following a reading plan through the book of Job, accenting it on Sundays with a study from within the week’s reading.  A copy of the reading guide can be found at

In this episode we will consider that struggles are not always the result of sin; there is a bigger picture unfolding.  Considering Job's story can help us to contextualize our own experiences of struggle and suffering.


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The Bible: Apocalyptic Literature

Posted by ccnh on 16th June 2013

Daniel  & Revelation

We conclude our study of the literary styles of the bible with this often intimidating form.  Pastor Darin shows us where some of this style occurs and gives us some tips on how to sort through some of the confusing details in order to grasp the bigger picture.


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The Bible: The Epistles

Posted by ccnh on 9th June 2013


What is an epistle?  It's simply a letter.  In this episode we'll consider how to read, contextualize, and interpret these nearly 2,000 year-old letters and look for ways to apply them to our context.


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