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Archive for July 2013

Book of Job: Part 6

Posted by ccnh on 28th July 2013

Job 20-24

If there is a God and He is good, why is there so much evil in the world?  Why do the wicked often prosper while the innocent suffer?  Job wrestled with these questions thousands of years ago and we still do today.  Guest speaker Jesse Andreasen offers some ideas on how we can understand and respond to injustice in world.


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Book of Job: Part 5

Posted by ccnh on 21st July 2013

Job 15-19, Lamentations 3, Psalm 13

Job's friends rebuked him for some of the things he prayed and the complaints he brought to God.  Is it wrong to talk to God that way or does He accept it as part of our worship? In this week's podcast guest speaker Jesse Andreasen makes a case for the importance of honest lament as part of our worship and interaction with God.


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Book of Job: Part 4

Posted by ccnh on 14th July 2013

Job 11-14 Psalm 73

Guest speaker Jesse Andreasen discusses "The Equation." "The Equation" says that obedience = blessing but disobedience=punishment.  Job's friends become his accusers rather than his comforters because they cannot get beyond this mindset.  Sadly, in more recent times, many Christians have continued to apply this equation to the afflictions of others and have misrepresented Jesus to a watching world.  This episode challenges us to beware of this equation mindset and proposes a different way of handling the suffering of others.


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Book of Job: Part 3

Posted by ccnh on 7th July 2013

Job 8-10

This week we’ll consider Job’s friend Bildad.  He has no compassion—Job and his family have gotten what they deserve. Now if Job would only repent, all will be restored. This is not unlike ‘advice’ often given by Christians!  We need to to recognize that pat answers don’t help and aren’t compassionate when we don’t see the full picture.


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