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Archive for November 2013


Posted by ccnh on 26th November 2013

Genesis 3.  

"Don't you realize you become a slave of whatever you choose to obey?" (Romans 6:16). Guest Speaker John Owen speaks about the importance of obeying God over anything or anyone else, and how to discover what He wants you to do.

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God’s Authority

Posted by ccnh on 19th November 2013

Luke 7:1-10

Guest speaker Scott Field reminds us that in order to have true faith we must be willing to submit to God's authority over our lives. 

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Be Doers of the Word

Posted by ccnh on 11th November 2013

James 1:22 and assorted gospel texts

Guest speaker Dale Kuehne weaves a short story and various bible texts together in this message, challenging us to consider what it looks like to not just hear God's word but to actually live it out.  


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Taken, Blessed, Broken, and Given

Posted by ccnh on 4th November 2013

Luke 22:19 Guest speaker Rev. Dale Kuehne shares a powerful communion meditation, exploring the parallels between what Jesus did with the bread and what God does with our lives.   


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