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Archive for January 2014

Solomon’s Mid-Life Crisis

Posted by ccnh on 27th January 2014

1 Kings

God made King Solomon one of the wisest and wealthiest men in history. Later in life, despite God's faithfulness, Solomon's heart turned away to lesser things.  Speaker Dale Kuehne warns that today's wealth, knowledge, and pleasures will lead us down the same idolatrous path as Solomon unless we guard against complacency and purpose to reflect Christ each day of our lives.  

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Giving the Apple Back to God

Posted by ccnh on 20th January 2014

Genesis 1-3

Speaker Dale Kuehne. Even after we give our lives to Christ we often act like Adam and Eve, thinking we know better than God. To be a Christ-follower is not simply about rules or beliefs. It means re-entering into intimate relationship with God, surrendering control over our daily lives and trusting that what He says really is best.

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Neither Do I Condemn You

Posted by ccnh on 15th January 2014

John 8

We are far more sinful than we could ever imagine but also far more loved by God than we could ever dream.  Speaker Mike Knight helps clarify what kind of judgement we are called to as believers and warns us to be on guard against self-righteousness. 

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The Sovereignty of God

Posted by ccnh on 6th January 2014

Genesis, Isaiah 55, Romans 8

Guest speaker Mike Knight shares three truths about God's sovereignty that can help us get through the uncertainties of life and glorify God in the process.  

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Advent 2013: The Wise Men

Posted by ccnh on 1st January 2014

1 Samuel 28 and Matthew 2

Guest speaker Dale Kuehne.  The Magi were some of the most powerful and knowledgable people in the world and yet their curiosity compelled them to seek the Christ child and ultimately worship Him.  The account of the wise-men challenges us to not let our "knowledge" get in the way of seeking to know God more.

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