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Archive for April 2014

Looking Ahead

Posted by ccnh on 28th April 2014

Acts 1. Speaker Mike Knight. Jesus' promise to come back should impact our everyday lives. Not by causing us to sit around waiting for Him or trying to determine the date of His return, but by motivating us to be busy with the mission He has entrusted us with. How will he find us?  **We apologize for the poor sound quality from 0:25-9:48, but it does clear up after that.**


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Palm Sunday: An Adventure in Missing the Point

Posted by ccnh on 14th April 2014

John 12 & Revelation 3. Speaker Dale Kuehne. It's easy to point fingers at the people in scripture- those who didn't accept who Jesus really was, the hypocrites, etc... But what about us? Are we making God into our own image? Do we have a faith that looks alive but is actually dead in the eyes of Jesus? 


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How Can They Believe Without Hearing?: A Message About Missions

Posted by ccnh on 7th April 2014

Revelation 5, Matthew 28, Romans 10. God has a unique role for each of us in fulfilling the Great Commission on a local and global scale. Speaker Jesse Andreasen encourages us to increase the priority level we have on spreading the gospel and making disciples.


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