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Archive for November 2014

Book of Acts: Peter’s Prison Break

Posted by ccnh on 24th November 2014

Acts 12. Dr. Dale Kuehne. After Peter's arrest, believers were hiding out, earnestly praying for his release. When God miraculously sets him free, they don't believe it at first. How often do we pray for something that we don't really believe God can do? How often do our fears cause us to hide our faith rather than share it with the desperate (and sometimes hostile) world we live in?   


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Not Everything is Good for You

Posted by ccnh on 10th November 2014

1 Corinthians 10. Elder John Owen explores the Apostle Paul's teachings on idolatry, temptation, and the dangers of testing the boundary between what is permissible and what is sin.  


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Believing God for More Than We Can Imagine

Posted by ccnh on 3rd November 2014

Ephesians 3 and Hebrews 11. Guest speaker Burke Rentz encourages us to trust God for more than just the small things, and to consider what might be hindering us from walking in those greater possibilities.  


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