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Archive for February 2015

Book of Acts: Law and Grace

Posted by ccnh on 9th February 2015

Acts 15. In this chapter a great debate comes to a head in the Jerusalem council, do the Gentiles need to convert to Judaism to be saved? If not, then what requirements are placed on them? Dale Kuehne shares his personal list of 6 guiding points, not specific laws, that help him to pursue a life of holiness and remain centered in the mission Christ.


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Book of Acts: Live As If the Promises Were True

Posted by ccnh on 3rd February 2015

Acts 14. There was nothing supernatural about Paul and Barnabas. How did they heal a man who couldn't walk, or preach boldly in the face of persecution? They lived as if God's promises were true (because they are), and His power was made available to them as they trusted Him to accomplish His purposes and fulfill His promises. 


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